Pet Portraiture

We love our pets, they’re part of the family. Now you can celebrate them forever with a pet portrait, by Joanna Reid.

Joanna is a contemporary Australian artist, with qualifications from Queensland College of Art. A passion for Australian flora and design now influences her unique approach to pet portraiture.

Joanna’s distinctive style, combines traditional painting techniques with colourful graphics. Each gorgeous, contemporary art portrait is completely personalised to bring out the character of your much loved furry, feathered or finned pet. 

Gisselle, oil on canvas, 2019.

What to Expect

1. It’s easy! Once the commission is received, all that’s required is for you to send us a favourite photo of your pet – cat, dog, rat, goldfish, bird, rabbit, you name it. 

2. Joanna will then carefully paint your pet’s portrait using a range of beautiful painting media. 

3. Once finished, the painting, will be safely packaged and delivered to your door ready to hang, by whichever delivery option is appropriate.

* Please note, as these are traditional-style portraits, drying times will change depending on humidity.

Size & Price Guidelines

30 x 40cm
40 x 60cm
60 x 80cm
Prices are exclusive of delivery charges.

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